Water Street Dream {The Dreamer}

I'm Alysa, and since most people butcher the pronunciation, I’ll just sound it out… uh-leesa. Easy, right? No worries if you get it wrong, because that’s been happening all my life. I answer to just about anything.

Speaking of all my life, I’ve loved photographs for as long as I can remember, especially ones that tell a story. Ones that make you wonder what was happening before the click. Ones that make you smile or cry or ponder. I simply love a great photo jam-packed with emotion.

Being on this photographer's journey is a dream come true. Sometimes I lose sleep at night because of the excitement of capturing other people’s stories. I love it. {For more info on “Water Street Dreams” and the birth of this business, jump on over to "The Name {WSD} tab.}

Okay, for fun I thought I’d share some of who I am.

I am: *energetic *spontaneous *curious *fun *kind *passionate *loyal *speedy at everything *clumsy relatively frequently *optimistic *easy to be with and generally just a happy sort of gal *

I love: *my husband Jack and my two kids, 3rd grade Maddie and Jackson who is almost 5. *my family, my friends and my God. *Diet Coke {especially from a fountain, particularly McDonald’s and with lemon is a sweet bonus} *traveling *exploring the local *all things adventurous *coming alive in nature. *flip flops *scrapbooking and creating *all colors *helping people *traditions, old and new *my friends all over the globe *change *trying new things *rearranging furniture *fun skirts *dreaming *believing the best of others *singing at the top of my lungs in the car *

Who my friends say I am: *she’d choose a jeep over any type of vehicle *she is spontaneous *she’s friendly *she has a secret recipe for Kraft macaroni and cheese  *she really enjoys Diet Coke *she’s gutsy (love it!) and undaunted by anything *she tries it and then decides if she likes it *she’s a traveler--always on a journey or looking for the next adventure *she loves flip flops and has been known to wear them as her winter boots *she might know her McDonald’s workers by name *she LOVES the outdoors *she sings all types of songs, out loud, even the jazz riffs that simply require vocal acrobatics *she does everything fast *she is a friend to everyone *she secretly loves 80s heavy metal *she’s spirited *she’s an over-girl *she sees life in color *

So there you have it. Me in a nutshell! I promise, if we meet we'll have an adventure together - and maybe we'll even share a Diet Coke. My treat.


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