On Showing Up.

It's the Tuesday after our annual camping trip
and I'm showing up to my dream.
It's what I promised myself I would do
and I'm all in.
I've had a dream for decades
- no lie -
and I'm officially
chasing that dream.

Perhaps it's grandiose.
Or gargantuan.
Maybe it's daunting.
Or all of the above.

But somehow,
I find myself standing in the space 
I've been hoping to be in for a long, long time.

I'm full of peace and contentment.

It's time.
And I'm ready.

The relentless stirring in my heart ignited this spring
and I've been over-the-moon excited about it.
I've thought about the dream,
brainstormed about the dream,
stepped into the dream,
and now it's time to
 show up for my dream.

The past six months I've tippy-toed into the dream,
holding it very close to my heart
as a scared little girl,
wondering if I had what it takes.
Wondering if my dream matters.
Wondering if I could actually make it happen.

I stood at the crossroads of
'should I try' 
'let it die.'

And in an effort to follow through on the visual,
I took a hard left turn 
landed squarely on the
"I should try" 
In my trying,
I'm confident I'll have setbacks
but I have to try.
I'm not getting to the end of this one life I have
with regrets.
None of us should.
That'd be such a shame, wouldn't it?

So I'm grabbing the confetti,
tossing it into the wind
and chasing my dream.

But dreaming takes time, right?
And in order for the dream to unfold,
I have to make the time.
I need to show up.
On time.

I'm a firm believer in this:
we actually make time for what we want to make time for,
even though we live in a world that seems 
to be busier than ever before.
We make excuses.
We dilly dally.
We're absorbed in distractions.
Very few people are actually too busy.
I'm not one of them.

So if I say I want this dream to happen,
then I need to be willing to show up.
Do the work.
Put in the hours.
Make the time.
I'm committed to showing up.
And that's REALLY exciting to me.
And a wee little bit scary.
What if I fail?
What if it doesn't eventually happen?
What if I actually don't have what it takes?
What if? What if? What if?

Those what ifs will kill a dream
faster than I can kill a spider on my living room wall.

So I'm making some choices.
I'm choosing to show up for my dream.
I'm not listening to the what ifs.
I'm saying yes to prioritizing my dream.
I'm saying no to comparing my dream to your dream.
I'm choosing to say no to some good things so that I can say yes to my dream.
And I'm praying that God would come alongside me
and carry my dream and my heart gently in the palm of His hands.
After all, 
He gave me this dream
so I'm choosing to trust Him with it.
So there you go.
That's what I think about all this!
I'd be so very curious to hear
what you think about chasing dreams?
Do you have dreams yet to be chased?
Is it time to start showing up for your dream?
Still in the marinating stages of your dream?
Not really a dreamer?

If you're interested in being among the first to hear 
about this dream of mine, 
head over to 
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I'll be releasing yummy details about my dream on
November 1st.

Until then,
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams."
~Henry David Thoreau


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