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The Art of Learning To Reflect

I'm in my fifties now and I'm learning to be reflective AND   I'm UN-learning destructive habits and patterns of behavior. I think we all want to,  in some fashion or another, feel as if we've arrived.  We're all better,  thankyouverymuch. All done being stretched. Got it all figured out. Completely healthy. Moving on. It's our pride; w e are loaded with it. Or our desire to prove we have what it takes. Our insecurities pop up at the most inopportune times, don't they? Or maybe it's past wounds driving us to our masks. In reality, none of us has arrived. (And yes,  that last sentence IS,  in fact, correct grammar . We want to say "none of us have arrived.  But don't do it.) If you're anything like me, you've behaved a certain way. Thought a certain way. Lived a certain way. Your default IS a certain way. We are creatures of habit. Auto-pilot has done a very fine job,  OR,   perhaps it hasn't. My natural bent is future thinking. By na

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