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On Showing Up.

It's the Tuesday after our annual camping trip and I'm showing up to my dream. It's what I promised myself I would do and I'm all in. I've had a dream for decades - no lie - and I'm officially chasing that dream.
Perhaps it's grandiose. Or gargantuan. Maybe it's daunting. Or all of the above.
But somehow, I find myself standing in the space  I've been hoping to be in for a long, long time.
I'm full of peace and contentment.
It's time. And I'm ready.
The relentless stirring in my heart ignited this spring and I've been over-the-moon excited about it. I've thought about the dream, brainstormed about the dream, stepped into the dream, and now it's time to  show up for my dream.
The past six months I've tippy-toed into the dream, holding it very close to my heart as a scared little girl, wondering if I had what it takes. Wondering if my dream matters. Wondering if I could actually make it happen.
I stood at the crossroads of 'should I try'  or  'l…

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