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If You Need Encouragement Today | Nov 2020

I sense that there's someone out there that needs to hear these words today. If it's you, please let me know, because I wrote this post just for you. I sat down and didn't even know what I was going to write about, and these words just spilled out. I'll be your cheerleader the whole way. I promise. Let me set the stage. You have a dream. A great big fluffy squishy dream that seems just shy of impossible. Or,  you have a smidgen of a dream  that shifts and whispers as the days pass by. The dream inside you has been there for decades. Or,  you have a dream and it just surfaced the past few months. It's an unexplainable longing. An undeniable urge. Something you just must  create or change or tackle or chase. But there's this pesky nemesis involved. Dog-gone-it,  it prattles on without permission and bosses you around like, well, a boss. It's this knuckle-headed thing we call fear. And here's what typically happens. We think we'll do the thing. We'r

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