The Joy of Word-of-Mouth Marketing | Chicago and Suburb family photographer | Wheaton Winfield Warrenville Family Photographer

I have a career
in an industry that I love.

when driving to a photo session,
I catch myself happily grinning,
thankful that my job involves
photography and people.

I'm forever grateful
for those that pass
along my information to their family and friends
because word-of-mouth marketing
IS my marketing strategy!
When Lisa reached out to
schedule an extended family photo session
I was super excited.

With her in-laws flying into town from Oregon,
and her oldest son home from his first year of college,
it was time.

Our common denominator
-- that beautiful friend who passed along my name --
is our dear friend Denise,

whom we both hail as one of our

favorite gals on the planet.

Lisa and I stood alongside Denise two years ago,
as she said "I do" to the man of her dreams!
Photo cred: Denise's wedding photographer - I'm spacing on the name!
I really haven't spent much time with Lisa over the years,
but that's gotta change!

Meet Lisa and her entire family.
Lisa's one of those vibrant,
full of life gals that's almost too groovy for words.
And if you've known me for any length of time,
you'd know that groovy is one of my favorite
attributes to dole out to fantastic people.

They were a chill family,
go-with-the-flow folks.
They laughed easy.
They were good sports.
They clearly love each other.
We wandered around
St. James Farm Forest Preserve
which is now officially my
new favorite place ever.

Cool buildings.
Bike paths.
Head shots for the boys.
A perfect night for a stroll
to capture this season of life for their family.

Andy clearly adores his wife
and in doing a little sleuthing
I just found out he lived in Tokyo for three years.

That means he's groovy, too!
he's an author and I think you
need to go order his book
right here on Amazon.
I know I'm adding it to my son's
- and my -
reading list this summer.

I do believe as we took a few images of
youngest sibling Ruby,
there was older brother protective
talk floating in the air.
Apparently they don't want their baby sib growing up.
Wondering what 49 years of marriage looks like?
I know, right?

And for those of you wondering,
I just opened up my summer/fall schedule
and I'd be honored to capture
YOUR family this year,
in this chapter of your family's story.
Check here for more details
on how to book your photo session:
Water Street Dreams

thanks for reaching out.
Your  family is fantastic and fun and fabulous!

You are truly beautiful,
inside and out!


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