Three Month Results | Update on Dad's Cancer Journey

Three months done.
Feels so good to have this milestone behind us.
Dad's CT scan results came back favorable,
and we're so super grateful for that news.

Bottom line?
All the cancer lesions in the colon and liver are smaller.
Probably 10-20% decrease in all lesions.
The chemo's working!
Direct quote from the radiology report:
"The liver lesions are significantly changed in that they are
much better defined and less invasive in appearance.
They are also smaller."
And then this bomb was dropped by the intern,
as she's reading us the report:
"It appears that the three lesions in the lungs are now gone, too."
Dad had cancer in his lungs?
We had no idea!

So, it looks like his colon cancer had metastasized
to his liver AND his lungs.
Who knew?
Apparently not us.
So, alas,
we got the bad news and the good news all in one sentence.
No more lung cancer.

We got super silly over that one,
because it was just such a shock to hear
he had cancer in his lungs and now it was gone.
All the while, having no clue.
So we joked about Dad's miraculous lung cancer cure.
It was one of those moments where
you know you probably shouldn't be giggling
because the doc is trying to tell us all this serious news,
but you just can't stop.
Head down.
Shoulders shaking.
Hand over mouth, somehow struggling to keep sounds from escaping.
Trying to keep composed.

And then ...
the first laugh slips out.
And then...
before long you're laughing so hard you're crying.
And then...
before you know it,
the doctor's laughing, too.

I suppose laughter isn't usually heard
through the cancer department walls.

Laughter really is good medicine.
And silly makes the world a better place.
It just really, really does.
We're all encouraged,
feeling like any movement in the
"cancer is shrinking" department
is good movement.

We're claiming our
'lung cancer miracle'
because why wouldn't we?
Dad gears up for his next three-month round
of chemo that begins a week from this Monday!

You can specially pray that his white blood cell numbers
would continue to improve as they are quite low.
Dad will begin injections starting this Tuesday to
combat the low numbers.
Your prayers, concerns, kind words
and loving thoughts continue to mean
so much to each of us!
We journey on,
with you by our side,
God on His throne,
taking the good days like today,
as well as the hard days that we'll inevitably face, too.

This much we know.
God's still good
and ALWAYS will be.


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