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Can’t wait for you to meet Nick.
I might contact The Gap.
I hear they need new models.
When his mom reached out and
asked if she could hire me to take
his senior photos,
of course I said yes!
He’s the big brother of Maddie’s best friend Abby.
He’s Jackson’s Sunday School teacher.
He’s a high school senior,
even though he finished high school last year,
one year early.
He holds a job.
He goes to the local community college,
because, well,
why not?

He serves at church.
He has lots of friends.
And he drives a Jeep.
Need we say more?
What fun it was to meet for half an hour
downtown Park Ridge this morning.
I don't ever do mini-sessions,
except for high school senior BOYS.
Because, well,
let's be honest.
They don't want their photos taken.
So I aim to make it as painless as possible.
And Nick was no exception.
And that's okay.
Hello extra challenge.
Meet Alysa!

So I had to pull out all the stops.
Every topic being fair game
because I've got a job to do;
pull out the personality of whomever is in front of my lens.

So when he wasn't doing this,
(because I may or may not have said embarrassing things)
or this:
he was doing this:
You know,
"Oh brother,
*slowly shakes head*,
lifted eyebrow look."

Every time he thought either
I was over-the-top goofy,
or his mom was a little bit nutsy,
that's the look we'd get!

I personally think it's rather endearing.
And I bet his mom will too,
simply because without a doubt,
she's seen this look
1.7 million times over the past 18 years.
But no matter what look he tosses out on a whim,
he sure does love his Mama.

She may or may not have
twisted his arm to be there.
Using his dog as a bribe.
But he obliged.
Attaboy, Nick.
Well done!

I’d say this image is picture perfect proof
that he absolutely adores you, Kim.
Because guess who he was looking at
when this was snapped?
He also adores his new buddy Austin.
I mean let's be real.
Who wouldn't?

he thinks Austin loves him best.
Don't tell the sibs.

So here's my challenge to you,
Chicago and suburb high school parents:
If you’ve got yourself a junior or senior
I’d absolutely LOVE to capture
him/her on ‘film’ this Spring/Summer/Fall.
I'd be honored to tell this chapter of
your daughter or son's story.
You won't ever regret the investment.
I promise!
Reach out over at
and we’ll get a session on the calendar.
I promise I’ll capture who they are,
inside and out.

It’s what I love to do!


Tracy Bell said…
Great pictures. Love the blog. Love even more that you called my sister(Kim) nutsy!

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