Family of Five Outdoor Spring Session | Water Street Dreams Photography | Chicago family photographer

I am crazy about the families I photograph.

They're all unique.
And I absolutely love that!
Love on display in beautiful ways.

Some are proper and reserved.
Some are snuggly and cuddly.
Some are sporty and focused.
Some are artsy and laid-back.

Often they're a beautiful mix.

I met this fantastic family
for the first time
early Saturday morning. 
I'd call them a super fun,
sporty, snuggly,
joy-filled family!
From hello
I knew we'd be fast friends.

I have to say,
their love for each other was genuine.
And beautiful.
The girls, in grades 9, 7 and 5,
 LOVE each other.
Like really, really love each other.

And Mom and Dad.
Their love for each other is strong.
They made each other laugh.
They were comfortable with each other,
enjoying each other's company.
And boy howdy do they
love their girls.

That was just SO evident
as we walked through the woods
and they talked and laughed together as a family.
Their love was easy.
And natural.
And FUN.
Dad was a riot,
making his girls laugh out loud.

Hedy and Marcus,
you're great parents
doing an amazing job,
raising three outstanding girls.

Being with your family made me want to race home
after your session and squeeze my own family tightly.
What a joy to meet you last week!
It was my honor and pleasure to capture this chapter
in your family's beautiful love story.


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