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Imagine my delight when this gorgeous gal
texted to see if I could capture headshots for her.
I really have loved doing more and more headshots
over the past few years.
There's something about spending time
showcasing someone's personality and beauty.
I love it!
Stephanie recently completed her Masters
and will begin her first job in her field in just a few weeks.

Not only is she outwardly beautiful,
she has an inner beauty bar none.
She's thoughtful.
And empathetic.
She laughs easy
and silly is her A-Game.
She's just really fun to be around.
As in,
hang out with her.
She has a deep love for her family.
as a side-note,
her family is one of my favorite families on the planet.
They're awesome.
She's a gifted listener.
Her heart is reflective and she wants to grow as a person.
She's just a fantastic gal!
Time was on our side,
and Stephanie was up for an adventure,
so I suggested we
drive downtown Chicago and find what we find.
That's absolutely my favorite thing to do.
Search out the cool backdrops.
Find the funky alley.
All the while chatting as we drive.
Hello best of both worlds!
Thanks for giving me the honor of
documenting this new chapter in your story.
Your post-graduate
first job chapter!
There's no doubt in my mind
that the next chapter in your story
is going
to be
full of joy!


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