On Deck? Chemo #5. | Update on Dad

It seems like
chemo #5
snuck up on us
and tomorrow morning
we'll be driving to Stratford
to start the process over again.
The kids and I are home for Spring Break,
and I'm super grateful that the timing worked
where we could be here for this treatment.
For me,
I'm extra thankful that Maddie and Jackson
will get to experience what it means
for Grandpa Correll to have chemo.
Until now it's been this distant thing
that they've just heard about.
they'll see what it actually means.

They'll walk in the front door of the hospital and
smell the smell.
You know,
that hospital smell.
And forevermore,
when they walk through hospital doors
whether in America or Canada or Africa,
they'll associate that smell with Grandpa's chemo.
Our senses are a fascinating thing, yes?
They'll sit by Grandpa in his chemo chair
and see that the procedure isn't painful.

They'll see the beautiful nurses that,
treatment after treatment,
care for Dad and all the other patients
that arrive in their chemo room.
They'll see the dripping of the medicine
and the needles
and the gloves
and masks.

They'll see what cancer looks like on other patients,
and no doubt,
Jackson and Maddie will be the bright spot
on the 3rd floor
of the Stratford General Hospital.
I guess I'm just hoping that
by seeing what 'chemo' means,
it might help them process this piece of
Grandpa's cancer journey.
Dad had a busy week this past week
and by yesterday I think he was extra worn out.
We're hoping with a couple days of rest he'll be back
to his new normal.

We'd appreciate prayers for good rest for Dad tonight,
and that tomorrow's chemo would attack
the cancer cells in his body!
After this week,
only one treatment to go
and then Dad will get the scans and tests
to determine if the chemo is working.
Those tests should happen late April
or early May.

As we march along this cancer pathway,
we're asking God to continue
to show His amazing goodness to us.
This past week,
God did just that
-- showed His goodness to me --
as I stole away to the
Chicago Botanic Gardens
 for an hour of fresh air
and flowers.

God could have chosen a different way,
but He got out his paintbrush and paints
and painted the world beautiful shades of
purples, blues and greens.
For me.
And for you, too.
I think we just have to stop long enough to see
His goodness around us.

And for His abundant goodness,
I will forever sing His praises.

This much I know.
God's still good.
And always will be.


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