My Friendship With Julie | Water Street Dreams Headshots | Garfield Park Conservatory

Meet Julie.
She’s another one of my very best friends on the planet.

We, too,
met through leadership at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers).
While not all of my closest friends are MOPS friends,
a whole bunch of them are!
She’s my creative artist bestie.
Art moves her deeply.
As in,
soul deep
and all the way
down to her tattooed ankle.
Whether it’s her camera
or her pottery wheel
or her knitting needle
or her pencil and paper,
she longs to create.
She loves a glass of wine and a walk in the woods.
She loves a library and an art museum.
She craves quality time and loves her Jesus.
Bottom line?
The girl LOVES to learn.
Like, she's gonna be 90 some day
and she'll all of a sudden decide
she wants to learn to play the harp
and we'll be all shuffling down to the CSO
to hear her favorite harpist.
No lie.
When something’s broken,
she finds the tools to fix it.
She’s my research loving friend.
Which, truth be told,
I do not understand in the slightest.
how shall I say this nicely?
Loathe researching.
But that’s why you find a friend that likes research
and you stick to her like a stamp on an envelope.
Julie’s also my brave, truth-telling, honest, visionary, leader friend.
She hatches a plan and she actually makes it happen.
All the time.
The girl has more grit and determination
than a fox in a hen house.
Love this gal.
When I started this photography journey many years ago,
she was instrumental in believing that I could do it.
I shyly asked her one day,
early on,
if she thought I had what it takes to
actually make a go of photography.
And she said I did.
And because she believed I could,
I did too.
That’s the power of a truth-telling friend who loves you.
Julie’s one of those friends that says it like it is.
She’s not going to tell you to buy the outfit
if you look fat and frumpy in it.
She’ll be honest.
Which is why her word means something.
If she says it,
she means it,
and it’s true.
And so,
you can imagine my joy when Julie gave me
the privilege of capturing her recent headshots.
It was an honor and a joy and we giggled our way
through our time together at the Garfield Park Conservatory.
Julie, you’re sunshine on a cloudy day!
Now go chase down that next dream of yours
and I’ll be dancing from the sidelines,
cheering you on!

You’re deeply loved!


alice said…
Julie is wonderful. I'll never forget the two photo shoots she did for my family during some of our darkest times. Those pictures are lifelong treasures for us. Your pictures of her are just beautiful!!

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