Celebrating Friendship | Melissa | Water Street Dreams Headshots | Chicago, IL

When my professional world of photography
collides with my close personal friend world,
has to be one of my favorite collisions of all time.

Head shots. Family photos.
Senior photos for dear friends whose kids are now seniors --
which, by the way, 
makes me feel a whole lotta old.

Any of it really.
Boils down to pure joy.

So meet my Melissa.
Beautiful Melissa.
She's a friend I met while serving together
on a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) leadership team
when our
people were
little people.
As in,
well over a decade ago.

And I must say,
there's an undeniably strong bond when
you serve together in any capacity,
but when you serve together in sheer
exhaustion because you're both in the
'little people trenches,'
the bond is unbreakable and forever.
Melissa was ready for some headshot updates recently,
so we met for 10 minutes (no joke)
in the freezing cold (no joke)
after she had her hair and make up done (no joke).

And for the record,
she is this gorgeous.
While thousands know her as Megillicutti
over on Instagram,
(go check her out over here)
I know her as one of my very best friends on the planet.
I get to say,
"I knew you when..."
She's promised me that someday,
when she gets to travel the world
looking for antiques
because really rich people
pay her to do so,
that I'll get to come along as
her personal photographer.
Or assistant.
Or adventure seeker.
Or cheerleader.
Or red licorice and M&M provider.
Or all of it.
She's a name in the antiquing world,
but for me,
 she's more than a name.
She's one of my very best friends ever.
Of all time.
She's a gift to me,
right from the heart of God.
Green is her signature color.
The older the patina the better.
Peacocks and old clocks.
Doodads and words.
OH does she love words.
Big ones.
Obscure ones.
Funny-sounding ones.
I think she reads the dictionary.
You didn't hear that from me.
She's that friend that texts when she knows I'm weary.
Or deeply discouraged.
She's that friend that asks the questions.
And I LOVE that about her.
She's 100% others focused.

She's inquisitive and reflective.
She's brilliant with people; she can read them,
she can pull things out of them,
she can listen to them.
All of it.

She's thoughtful and contemplative.
She wonders about things
that the average Joe would never consider.
She's a giggler.
And a hope infuser.

When I don't believe I can tackle the problem in front of me,
she believes I can.
Like, she really, actually believes I can.

Sometimes you need that friend that cries with you when
you get the news that your dad has cancer.
Or you gained weight instead of losing it.
Or you don't think you're good at your business.
Or you yelled at your kids. Again.
 Her faith.
Oh, her faith.
It's beautiful.
It's strong.
And rock solid.
It's deep and profound.

When I wonder why there is pediatric cancer in the world,
she's my go-to friend to talk that through.
Not that she has all the answers,
because none of us do,
but she's a safe one to ask the questions alongside.
When I'm scared to chase my big dreams,
she believes I should.
She's a preacher's kid,
just like me.
Which most people really don't understand.
But she does.
She actually gets that chapter of my story.
She let's me be me
and likes me as me.
And she knows me.
Like she knows my issues.
And my hang-ups.
And my sin.
And my junk.

And she still wants to be my friend.
How crazy is THAT?

I guess the bottom line?
She's safe.
And she loves me because I'm me.

is about as good as it gets in a friendship.
you're brave.
And smart.
And beautiful outside and in.
And fun.
And a million things more.
I'm so thankful for you!

Soak up that AZ sun by the pool today.
I'm only slightly jealous.
Next time,
let's do your updated headshots
in Arizona.

"The road to a friend's house is never long."
An old Danish proverb.


So awesome to have a friendship like the one the both of you possess.
Judy D. said…
So this brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for putting into words what many of us know to be true about Melissa. You are a friend to be treasured! And when you go on that world wide search of antiques, I will not be left behind!

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