Update On Dad

Hello friends!
That took longer than expected.
Blog housekeeping done.
Ready to get back at it.
So, so many of you have asked for an update.
Thanks for your prayers and  thoughts and concerns.
You continue to mean so much to us.

Dad's port went in yesterday
and we're thrilled that there was no pain.
Quick, easy procedure.
Now we're just praying that he stays infection free,
so that chemo can begin on Monday.

I think the fact that the port is in makes it
really real.
Make sense?
Like, he actually does have cancer.
He actually is going to get chemo.
It's really happening.
I'll head up to Canada late Sunday night.
I need to be there.
For them.
For me.
I need to see Dad's new normal.
I need to see the hospital where he'll get the chemo.
I need to see that Mum and Dad are both okay.
I need to see how he responds to the drugs.
I need to see the port.
And the chemo that he'll bring home to their house for 46 hours.
I need to see the home nurse so that when they mention her name,
I'll know what she looks like.
I just need to see this chapter in our family's story.

I learn by seeing.
I process by seeing.

Speaking of seeing,
mid-January I had an urban photo shoot.
Loved it
Love my city.
Love my job.

So while I was out in the city I decided
to see what I saw.
Graffiti every.which.way.
There are some SKILLZ out there my friends.

And because Dad loves birds,
this one's for you!
Always an adventure in Chicago.
My home sweet home.
Thanks for asking how Dad's doing.
Thanks for caring for us.
Thanks for helping.
Thanks for praying.
Thanks for thinking good thoughts.

We notice every beautiful act of love
from each of you.

We're in this together.
What a huge gift that is to us.


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