Big Fan of My Jack Man || And An Update On Dad.

I'm here in Canada this week with Mum and Dad
my Jack man is
loving and supportive
and willing to hold down the home front
so I can be with them.

I find that incredibly loving and kind.

I love him too much.

Update on Dad tonight at 9pm:::

He's still without side effects.
No pain.
Extra weary,
which is either due to very little sleep last
night because of having a bottle attached to him,
or the chemo,
or a combo of both.

Whatever it may be,
we're just thankful it's not pain and sickness.


Dad worked some this morning,
sending email updates to family and friends.
He was able to receive a couple of phone calls.
At one point I heard him chuckling with his friend John on the phone,
over John's heart ailments and his own cancer ailments.
Supposedly the next time they're together
they're going to swap chemo bottle for heart monitor
just to get a head start on each of their next health crisis'.
I guess that's what old friends do.
*Photo taken January 25th, 2017.

Coco was Dad's steady companion all day long.
Never far from his side.
Yes, she's spoiled.

Mum was sewing a Chesire Cat costume
for Jackson's upcoming play on March 4th.
The woman's a saint.
Seriously, what would I do without her?
I'd be hot glue-ing and duct-taping if it weren't for her.

Thanks for continuing to pray and email.
Dad and Mum have both been so encouraged to know
that so many
are concerned.

We take each day as it comes
and we're looking for God's daily gifts
of abundant goodness.

This much we know.
God's still Good.
And always will be.


Tammy Rowlinson Foxqll said…
Continued prayers for a family who touched my life. You all are so special, and mean so much to us all. Thanks for the update.

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