Someone's Always Got It Worse

*These pictures have absolutely nothing to do with anything.
I just know that words don't get read

if photos aren't scattered throughout the post.
It's true.
Someone always has it worse.

Yes, Dad's diagnosis isn't good.
Stage IV
Colon cancer that's already in the liver.
You know the drill.
Not good.

Last Thursday night,
I was reminded of that truth.

Sitting on the couch,
with HGTV on in the background,
I was mentally preparing to say goodbye to
Mum and Dad for a few weeks.
Truth be told,
I was feeling a wee little bit sorry for myself.
You know, living in another country and all
and having to leave the next day.
Not close to them in their time of need.
Needing to be with them but also needing to
care for my own family in Chicago.

[ Well hello little mister 'up-to-no-good.' ]
And then the news.
A friend from up North
- Lois Smail -
had unexpectedly died.

As in,
wasn't feeling good.
Went to hospital.
Got worse.
Died unexpectedly.

You've GOT to be kidding.
Not possible..

My heart is so SO heavy for George (her husband)
and her children; Karen, Nancy and Allan.

That's simply not fair.
So hard.
No time to prepare.

So while any hard news is hard,
I do think there are levels to hard.

And sudden loss is way harder
than what we're facing.
It just is.

And I don't say that to minimize our trial,
it's just truth is all.

Heart attacks?
Car accidents?
Child terminal illnesses?
OH Lord have mercy.
I can't even handle child deaths.
There is absolutely NO way to wrap my head around that.

When Jack's mom passed away from cancer back in 2003,
we did our grieving along the way.
We knew it was inevitable.
We were able to brace ourselves.
Was it still hard?
Oh 100% so so hard.
Any loss is devastating.

But in the middle of that hardness,
we commented that we were fortunate that
we had the gift of time.

Time IS a gift.
We mourned along the way.
We processed the inevitable.

And so,
to George, Karen, Nancy and Allan,
I am so very VERY sorry for the loss of your wife and mum.

She was dear.
She loved to laugh.
She didn't know a stranger.
She loved you all fiercely.
And my guess is,
she's up in heaven
causing a bit of a ruckus,
because she's just a wee bit sassy
and a whole lotta fun.

Until we meet again, Lois.


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