Part II. Dad's 72nd

Last night Dad celebrated his 72nd birthday
with his grandkids by his side.
All six of them.
And his bride of 50 1/2 years.
And his son and daughter-in-law.
And his daughter.
Oh, and Coco.
She's all about the cake.
Aunt Sarah rallied the troops and they each
made Grandpa a homemade card.
They really were beautiful.

I think having a birthday five days after Christmas kinda sucks.
But I've never heard Dad complain about it.

It's rare that we get to celebrate his birthday,
so that made this year extra special.

Dad has many great qualities,
but if I had to put one near the top of his list,
it'd be his kindness.

I can't say I've always appreciated it,
or for that matter,
even realized that was central to who he is.

But it's who he is to the core.
He'll help anyone in need.
He's a mentor to so many,
countless through the decades.
He loves to preach and share God's love,
which is about the kindest thing anyone could give their life to.
If someone is in crisis,
he drops all to listen.
His heartbeat is to live in unity.
He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.

He really is a gift to our family,
modeling a life of kindness to all.

I'll be forever grateful that I saw,
up close and personal,
what it means to walk a life of kindness.

Thanks, dad, for being who you are.
You're the kindest man I know.
You're deeply loved.

Happy 72nd birthday!


Beck said…
What a beautiful post. I get to know your dad through you. Both through your post and through you as an individual. You have a lot of those same qualities.
Unknown said…
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