Leaving Tomorrow.

In an effort to escape to a happy place tonight,
to avoid the thought of goodbyes tomorrow,
I leave you with some images from 
our vacation to Rock Lake
this past summer.

Say hello to the beauty of Northern Ontario.
The magic of my childhood.

If you're wondering what I grew up with,
wonder no more.
The landscape,
the flora,
the beauty.

The Northern woods.

God's playground.

One of my very favorite places to be.
The sights.
The sounds.
The smells.
All over the place.
Moss-covered rocks.

 Don't you just want to follow the stream
to see where it goes?
I know.
Me, too.
 I'm always amazed at the amount of rock
in Northern Ontario.
It is absolutely everywhere.
Massive boulders that inexplicably
find their way to the middle of a forest.
Bizarre, really.
 Oh do I love me a good fallen log.
There's my hubby and Nicole,
one of my favorite gals on the planet.
We do love a good hike.
It's what we do.

Birch bark.
And never you mind the sound of wind rustling through a birch tree's leaves.
Top 10 favorite sounds ever.
Reminds me of lazy day childhood summers.
And then,
there's the beauty of the lakes.
Thousands of them.

As you might imagine,
this back flip didn't end so well.
But little mister didn't know the difference.
Thank the good Lord he didn't conk his head on the raft.
He got back up and did it again.
Times one hundred.
And then there's my Jack Man.
He's not really good at following rules.
Or, setting good examples.
Guess what the kids tried to do the rest of the week.
Sneak onto the back of the tube and hold on as long as possible.
With no life jacket.
 Boy howdy,
there's nothing quite like sunny days and tubing on the lake.
For the record, I won't tube any more.
Something about a very bad tumble a few years ago,
where I felt as if
my insides were on my outsides.
And if I recall it properly,
I don't think I was able to walk for a few days, either.
I hate tubing now.
And I know hate is a strong word.
It's a getting older thing.
Work with me people.

But kids?
Oh how the little people love it.
Super grateful to John and Ruth Benson
who lovingly took the kids on rides
on and off all week.
We're spoiled.
We know it.
 Say hello to the grooviest, funnest, happiest,
greatest moms on the planet.
She's up for any adventure we go on.
Do love that lady.

And the crazy man in the back of the image.
Not sure where we got him,
but he follows us around and we feel sorry for him.
So we let him tag along.
There goes my Jack Man.
Once again.
Breaking the rules.

 That's all I've got for tonight.
Here's wishing I was hearing the leaves blowing on this birch tree,
instead of the -18 cold wind rattling the house.

Happy New Year, my friends.
Thanks for following along.
Planning to leave St. Marys tomorrow morning around 11am.
Would appreciate your prayers.
Grateful for this extended time with Mum and Dad.
A gift, for sure.


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