First Appointment Set.

Many of you have asked for updates on Dad's cancer journey.

Thank you so much for riding along on this journey.
It means more than you could possibly know.
We've received countless emails, texts, phone calls.
Your prayers and good thoughts are priceless.

Up until now, we've had no updates to report.
But, we're relieved that his first oncologist appointment
is set for this Thursday, January 19th.
2pm Ontario time.
1pm Chicago time.
I'll be heading to Canada tomorrow evening,
arriving Thursday morning.

Sometimes you're grateful for hard things.
I'm anticipating that this appointment will be just that.

But I'm so grateful that my schedule allows for me
to run back up to Canada to be there this weekend.
I need to be there.
Grateful it worked out.

I have a supportive husband.
And my loving friend Jamie who is willing to help with Jackson's care.
And this happens to be my intentionally slow time of business each year.

No doubt the news will be hard.
But we're ready to hear the reality
of what's really going on in his body.
How much has spread?
Would surgery help?
What's the cure rate and the response rate?
Tell us the side-effect reality of chemo.
How much time is left?
Even a ballpark number.
What sort of pain typically comes along with this type of cancer?

You know. All those questions
you want to know the answer to,
but you actually really don't want to know the answer to.
Because that means the journey really is real.

We continue to experience God's great peace.
It's tangible. And unexplainable.
And perhaps sounds trite
but I promise you,
it's real.
We attribute the peace we're feeling to the power of prayer
and the abundant goodness of God.

This much I know.

God's still good.
And always will be.


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