They're the Big Bad Bowlers.

Yes, yes, yes we do,
we've got spirit,
how 'bout YOU?!

We're LOUD.
We're proud.
We're lean.
We're mean.
We laugh.
We smile.
We play for awhile!

[And .... that's it for the rhyming.]

In other news,
I'm not gonna claim that we're
the best bowlers in the league.

We might not have the very best form.

But here's what we do have goin' for us.

We have the best husband/wife dancing bowler duo
It starts like this:
 Followed quickly by this:
 And before long, this:
They bust a move
on almost every turn.

We've got fist pumps.
 And twist and shouts.
And smokin' guns.

But most of all,
we just have fun.


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