Christmas Fun.

I don't know about you,
but we're having great fun.

A little bit of this.
A little bit of that.

We're snuggling with Gobbie.
And cousins.
We're doing everything in excess.
Eating too much.
Probably too many movies.
Definitely too much screen time for the kids,
but alas, the grownups need their sanity.
Too many laughs,
but I suppose you can never have too many of those.

Christmas day was special.
Lenny reading the Christmas story from Dad's Bible,
which is tradition from birth for us.
It seems the gifts were a hit.
Matthew, Lenny's second oldest.
And Robbie, the third Correll boy.
Coco curls up with dad every chance she can get,
even if it means underneath presents.
Dad does love books,
so Lenny got brownie points for getting him a book this Christmas.
Cousin time fun. (phone photo)
Outdoor play.

Today was farm day.
Our friends, the Gardiners, have this smokin' awesome farm,
so the troops geared up and headed out this morning.

Kitty cat petting.
 Before we arrived,
this cute kitty was named 'barn cat.' 
Within nano-seconds, Jackson had decided
it needed an actual name
and affectionately called it Spotlight.
The kid is smitten and would give anything
to have his own kitty.
 It ain't happenin' folks,
so don't you go and get any crazy ideas.
And let's talk about how courageous
little Miss Spotlight is;
parking herself right underneath a HUGE horse.
Not the brightest cat in the barn.

Hay bale jumping.

Horseback riding.
Mr. Sam is Lenny's youngest and someday wants to
own a farm, ride horses, AND ...
play for the Boston Red Sox!
The kid's got dreams and I love it!

Lenny's oldest, Andrew!
Chillin' like a villain.

Our Maddie, who would live on a farm, too.

Nothing really earthshattering to share.

Except that being with family is great.
Togetherness helps.

Dad continues to be weary but isn't in any pain,
causing us to be super grateful.

If you're the praying sort,
we'd love for you to pray that the
oncology appointment would be set up ASAP.
No news yet as to when that might be but we'd love
it to happen this week or next so we can hear
the options and move forward with a plan.

To each of you that continue to reach out and tell us
that you're thinking about us or praying for us
or sending us well-wishes or texts or Facebook messages ...
You have no idea what that does for our hearts.
We carry each others' burdens, yes?

Thank you seems rather inadequate
for the outpouring of love,
literally from around the world.

Love you each and
hope that your Christmas season is
joyful and hope filled.
Squeeze your people extra tightly tonight.
And tell them you love them,
over and over again.

From our crazy bunch to yours!


Anonymous said…
Thanks Alysa for sharing things so dear to your family's heart. And Jack, thanks for allowing Alysa to blog your journey. Praying for "y'all" Much love, Eve
Anonymous said…
P.S. My daughter wants me to mention that I got "dead fish" when we played BeanBozzled. YUCK! - Eve
Alysa said…
Dead fish. GROSS!! =)
Alysa said…
Thanks, Eve. Appreciate your prayers.
So nice to see all your pics and to get caught up with all the happenings of your family.
Thinking and up holding you all in the days ahead

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