Bike Ride Turned Hike.

 It seems that when I work at putting 3 bikes on a car rack for at least 45 minutes 
I come to the point where frustration sets in.
I know.
It's rather embarrassing to admit how easily [ and quickly ] 
my temper boiled.
I mean I was full on raging with irritation. 
I may have lost all sanctification.
I may or may not be related to my father.
And my paternal grandfather.
And my brother. 
Seriously. I lost it.

I just wanted the darn bikes to go up on the rack so we could go have fun.
3 bikes on a rack.
And yet they wouldn't go.
And I tried.
And tried.
And tried.

And then I cried.
And cried.
And cried.

I had been so looking forward to our 15 mile bike ride all week long.
I'd hatched a brilliant plan early in the week and it involved bikes and a picnic 
and maybe even reading a book by a waterfall.
All while the kids got along beautifully, not once arguing.
 This was my grand plan.

And then, with the garage door open
my plan was quickly going down the drain.
I *may* have cussed.
A few times.
Or a lot.
I can't seem to remember.
It wasn't pretty.

And tonight as I write about it I am saddened 
by my lack of self control over my words.

So after a wee little bit I figured out it didn't do any good to cry.
Or pout.
Or get raving mad.
 I marched into the house and with my very best chipper
happy happy 'this is gonna be grand' voice I announced that we
were going on a hike and not a bike.
Who needs bikes after all?
Met with much whining, 
I handled that oh-so-well.
Or not.

But we made it.
Slower than a herd of turtles mind you.
It was worth it.
Once we landed on the pathway to the waterfall
tension melted away and we found things like
snakes near the potty house [ horrifying ]
 and butterflies [ breathtaking ]

 and God's stamp all over the place.

The waterfalls were great for kids.

 Not steep or deep
so you felt like you could just let them roam and try things 
and there wasn't any worrying going on.
Mine are old enough that I wouldn't have worried anyway,
but those of you with little ones, this really is a great place to explore
and let them climb and get wet and try things that *feel* risky to them.

 And Coco.

 Dear little Coco Butters.
She LOVED it.
She always loves being with us out in nature.
Her little legs moved a mile-a-minute
and we got countless oohs and ahhs from other hikers/bikers.

 This last one -- doesn't it look like she's smiling? 
Could be my new fave of Coco.

 It truly was a great day.
After about 10am that is. 
After I got over my little temper tantrum with the bikes.

Highly recommend Waterfall Glen.
Locals, go explore. 
Easy, FREE, fun.
And, as an aside, the place was named after a guy named Waterfall.
Not because of the actual waterfalls.
Thank me later.
And it really wasn't far from home.
Maybe 40 minutes for those that live nearby.

Only downside.
Thick as thieves they were.
So bring bug spray. Loads of it.
The ones in these here parts don't carry malaria.
And that's a real nice feature because once you've had malaria
a half-dozen times, you really don't ever want to experience THAT again.

And so my advice to you?
Load up your bikes OR your sneakers,
pack a picnic,
and get out there and explore God's great creation.
It might not be Colorado or Washington State [ or Switzerland or Austria ]
but we do have a few pretty places to explore here in Illinois.


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