For Mom on Mother's Day 2014.

Look here. 
I'm one day early for Mother's Day.
 Photo taken last year on Mother's Day weekend, a rare Mother's Day 
when I actually get to be with my mom.

I purchased my mom's Mother's Day card 3 weeks ago.
I was thinking THAT far in advance.
Does that count?
And here the card sits, on my lap, in Chicago, the day before Mother's Day.
I just never can quite get my act together to get gifts or cards to people on time.

But I'm wishing upon a star that it's the thought that counts.

So I thought I could redeem myself -- just a smidge --
by writing her card in the form of a blog post.
And mailing her actual card/gift on Monday.
I'm sneaky that way.

I loved the words of the card I got my mom this year 
so I just decided to write them out here.
They say it all.


A Mother Is a Treasure Of The Heart
-- courtesy of DaySpring Cards-- 

"The greatest impression a mother can leave on her child is the message of her living faith, unwavering hope, and steady trust in God that will be engraved on their heart forever."
-- Bonnie Jensen

"You're the one who took the time to build an eternal foundation in me, 
not just by telling me about Jesus, 
but by living out His love and compassion.

I love you so much, and my appreciation for you grows every day ... 
springing up from the living faith you planted in my heart."

 Beautiful words from DaySpring, right? 
Just EXACTLY what I would want to say.

Mom, the older I get, the more I realize the reality of these words.
Everything else, in its time, fades away.
But the eternal gift I found, by the example of your life and your faith,
will carry me always.

I wish you lived in the next suburb over, Mom,
but as our reality would have it, 
you live in the next country over instead.
And sometimes that makes me sad -- really sad --
but the reality is,
you're close at heart.
 And we just have to pack more fun into our limited time together.
That's all.

Today, on the day we honor our mothers,
may you know that I hold you up in the highest place of honour.
You are mother extraordinaire.
You have, hands down, been the most influential person in my life,
and I've been blessed to have some INCREDIBLE people of influence in my life,
so that's sayin' somethin!

May the miles between us remind us
that love knows no boundary.

You are loved, deeper than you could possibly imagine.

I love you the most,
I said it the 8th.


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