A Fabric Warehouse Bar None

So one of my favorite warehouses to frequent
is an amazing fabric warehouse in the Pilsen neighbourhood.

I promise. 
It does not disappoint.

Especially when I was looking for a very particular shade of teal/turquoise.
That ended up on THIS chair.
 To give you an idea -- this type of fabric anywhere else was $60-90 a yard.
So not joking.
Someone has a racket going in the fabric world and I'd love a piece of that pie.
My goodness, fabric is expensive.

But here, oh lovely fabric warehouse,
it was $3.99 a yard.
YES, you read that properly.
I got ALL the fabric I needed to recover this lovely
for under $20.
Including tax.

If you ever need to make pillows or sew prom dresses or make dance outfits or 
bridesmaid dresses or table cloths or bathe in ribbon or make uniforms or curtains or quilts 


Then you need to go.
Bring your inhaler.
And allergy medicine.
And mold protecting machine. 

Because as you might imagine,
it's potent in there.

But OH SUCH an adventure.
Room after room.
Stairwell after dark stairwell. 
Dingy basement rooms that you literally have to duck to go through
{ and I'm short folks, so you can imagine how low it is }
HUGE loveliness of fabric waiting to be explored.

Blue skies made the adventure extra happy.

Some rooms, you just HUNT and 
hope you make it out alive.
And other rooms, a feast full of organization.
Simply marvelous.

Foam anyone?

It's just a place you have to visit.
At least once in your life.
Shall I tell you the next time I go and you can join me?
Would love to welcome you to this world!


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