Spring Break in St. Marys

I'm still baffled by the fact that this town does not have an apostrophe in its' name.
But I guess that's not my battle to fight.
If however, I lived in this town, I would make it my battle to fight.
Just sayin'.
Jackson says hello.
 We decided to walk to the library.
St. Marys (minus the apostrophe) 
 is a gorgeous little town with lots of stone homes.
And colourful doors.
I do love colourful doors.
I'd like a colourful door please, Mr. Clark. 

And lots of gorgeous little flowers.
Our first Canadian flowers of the season.

 Can't be in Canada and not take a photo of a pine tree.
I mean, 
Canada = Pine Trees, folks.
Gobbie and Jackson below.
Notice there's no photo of Gobbie and Maddie.
Someone, whose name starts with Maddie,
was a tad bit grumpy and refused a photo opportunity.
But she's still as cute as ever and I took a mental click of how cute she is these days.
She just might not be appearing on the bliggity blog much now that middle school has hit.
 Why hello, yard full of lovelies!
 I could live in a house like this with a yard like this.
And front steps like this.
I like old and uneven and cozy and non-perfect and mysterious.

The leaves almost look fake.
But they're not.
I promise.
Miss Crocus, oh how I love thee. 
Especially after a long, brutal winter.
I love small, rural Canadian towns.
These Canadian folk are the friendliest on the planet.
Met two new friends at the local library who were simply delightful.
Invited me to come speak at their photography club that meets the first 
Thursday of every month.
I just might take them up on their offer.
Anything to visit with friendly, kind people who also love photography.
 And in case you're wondering,
I'm currently tapping on my keyboard,
 listening to the faint whistle of a train rumbling through town.
Love that sound; full of mystery and hope.
Makes me so very curious.
Who's on the train? (Good use of an apostrophe)
What makes the whistle so enticing?
When will they rumble back this way?
Where might the train be going and could I go along, too?
Why aren't they flying?

And so, I come to the end of this post.
More for your sake than mine.
I'm just rambling at this point.
And find a nap is calling my name.
So until tomorrow,
listen for train whistles,
enjoy the Spring weather,
and figure out how to properly use an apostrophe.
The end.



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