Oh How I Wish Summer Was Here ...

It's a grey, dreary Chicago Spring day.
At least it's not winter, so we've got that going for us.

In hoping for a hot summer day,
I stumbled onto these photos from last July.
Oh how I wish I was on the boat, 
photographing the kids on the zip sled.

Thought you might enjoy this summer tease.
May this summer be the hottest on record
and may we never EVER complain about the heat again!

We will embrace the heat this summer and maybe even sing
zippity-do-dah in our tank top and flip flops
because Winter 2014 will be gone.

Say hello to the zip sled.
Doesn't Jackson, seem a tad bit apprehensive in this next photo?

 The one-hand wonder.

 Whoa. No hands on the board.
 And he's UP.

Next up, Maddie Mae from the U.S.A.
Chillin' on the board.

Papa rivals Jack and moi as our children's biggest cheerleaders on the water.
His delight and cheers are a beautiful gift he gives them every time they 
attempt anything on the water.

My guess is he's re-living the hours spent with his Jack and Becky Jo
when they were little.
The hours clocked on their boats.
On the zip sled.
On the skis.

 Jumping off the boats.
He finds great joy in giving the gift of water fun.
And I love that. 

We love you, Papa.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful lake home with us.
We don't take it for granted.
And we love every second we're with you!
Thanks for the experiences you give our kids,
passing along your love of beautiful Gull Lake.

Here's to this coming summer.
And many more memories made on the lake.


Cleary said…
He DOES love watching people enjoy the water and he is SOOOOOO incredibly generous with all of us. Uncle Jack rocks. Love him!!!!!
Alysa said…
I agree, Cleary! He ROCKS!

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