My How Time Flies | 1-year-session Smash the Cake Session { Chicago, Libertyville Family Photographer }

Meet sweet Julia from last summer, at 6 months old.
See, she's even waving at you.
 I know, right?

And here she is,
at one.
Just a few weeks ago.

I think we all need silver shoes.

Slobbery kisses are just the 
happiest and best!
And time for an outfit change.
Hello birthday tutu.
'Lil lady was fascinated with her candle.
Didn't let go of it the entire time.

At some point, little ones hit a wall
{ usually at about 45 minutes into their modeling experience }
And they're ready to be done. 
Little Julia was right on time and her eyes started to say,
"Can I just take a nap?
This sugar thing,
and the lights, camera and action thing are officially getting old!"
But not before we got a final few sweet ones in her birthday tutu.

Happy birthday sweet girl.

Katy, super thankful for your continued business. 
Your sweet Julia is a doll. 
I can't wait to see her again next year!


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