Little Man Turned One { Arlington Heights Family Photographer | Chicago Family Photographer }

As I've mentioned before, it's so fun to continue 
to tell the story of little ones as they grow.

Another repeat client!

Landon turned ONE this spring and I enjoyed spending time 
at their family home in Arlington Heights, 
capturing the little guy doing his thing!

 And his 'thing' happens to be
being SO darn cute.

Mom, Suzanne, is on the ball and had this clever idea to shoot the same
image of the three of them in denim, 
each time we get together,
to show the progression of his growth.

Here they are with Landon at 3 months old,
barely hangin' on.
 And here they are below, with Landon at 6 months old,
able to stand with help.
And, hello gorgeous early morning light. Oh how I love thee.

And here they are below, at one year.
[He had just started walking, taking his first steps.]
This first one below is my personal favorite of the bunch.
His eyes were drawn to the window, just checking everything out.
Super love his little wee piggies by daddy's foot!
Love that he's focused.
His eyes are Ahhh-MAZE-ing!!!
 And below are the back story images on the photo above.
They just 
So much so, I couldn't leave them off this post.
This, is real life photography, folks!
Let's just say that Junior was NOT interested in getting the denim shot.
He didn't realize the tradition.
He didn't give a rip.

 And then a momentary pause in the screaming.
[I think I startled him with my goofy antics and he looked my way!]
 And then an upside-down shot,
because everyone seems happier when they're
 And these next few.
<A D O R A B L E>

 And here he is below, 
running toward me while I'm laying on the floor, 
under a table,
with a balloon in my hand!
That was work!
But worth every second of it.
Thrilled with the outcome!

Here's Mr. Man when I first met him at 3 months old, last June,
able to fit in a bucket,
glancing up at his mama.

Thought you might enjoy a recap 
of how he's grown!

Suzanne, you're gorgeous!
And I love Mr. Man's hat collection.
I'm calling you accessory queen from here on out!
Hats, suspenders, belts.
You name it, she's found it.
She knows how to dress up a little man!

And here he was this fall, at 6 months old.

Oh hello rolls. 
Don't we all wish we could wear ROLLS this well?

Okay. This next one.
See what I mean about the accessories?
This next one could be my favorite photo of a wee little guy ever taken.
Love the hat.
Love the focused look.
Love that we're on the beach.
I'd have this one blown up to the hugest possible canvas,
hanging as art on the  biggest wall in my house.
But that's just me.
And then the rains came tumblin' down
so we had to reschedule the second half of their session
for another day, another place, another time.
Still just as lovely!

So I'll close out this post with a few more of my favorites from his one-year-old session,
just a few weeks ago.

Mom found this keeper on Pinterest. 
{ Or Etsy. Can't remember which, now}

Thanks for your continued business, Suzanne and Jon.
Truly enjoy hanging out together for an hour every few months.
You're a fun, groovy, happy, 
good lookin' family!


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