Coco Turns TWO

 We were all hush-hush around home this afternoon,
as Maddie had a 'surprise' party for Coco planned.

 Jackson had to take Coco downstairs so that
Coco didn't see the decorations going up.
Because, of course, that would ruin the surprise.
Dogs sense these things.
Or so I'm told.

 Coco's cake -- aka doggie treat -- was complete with
wooden shish-ka-bob skewers that Jack lit on fire.

Maddie made Coco a collar at winter camp. How awesome, right?

I must say, 
Coco has been pure joy for me.
 Here she is when we first got her.
All 1 pound 4 ounces of her.
 Unexpected joy.
She snuggles.
And dances.
And wants to be with our family every second of every day.
I now understand when people say,
"Our dog is just part of our family." 
I know.
Ours, too.


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