Navy Pier Field Trip

Jackson's class visited the Navy Pier Children's Museum almost two weeks ago.
As much as volunteering to chaperone is basically signing up for a day of utter chaos,
I love going.
He won't be little for long,
and he won't always want me on his field trips.

So until he says otherwise, I'll be on as many field trips as they allow,
as that's one of the bonuses of having a flexible job.

I love seeing Jackson being SUPER silly with his friends.

 He's a little friend magnet and I love that about him.
And for the record, most of his friends are girls. 
Not all.
But most.
Go figure. 

 Besides one massive meltdown at lunch when a huge majority of his friends had Lunchables for lunch and he did not have Lunchables for lunch,
it really was a great day.
At that particular moment, I wanted to ring his little neck.
But I refrained.

Jackson comes alive when building things.

[ I wish his eye wasn't half open in this -- I just love this shot of him! ]

There was anew-to-me exhibit was a room where the kids can actually
saw and hammer and play with a wood and other materials.

And they did NOT want to leave this room.
They could have spent the entire time there.
I love seeing creativity spin around the room.

This post is in honor of both of Jackson's grandpas.
Grandpa Correll and Papa Clark.

 Both love to build and create with wood.
Both are master craftsmen.
Both have passed these amazing genes onto their grandson Jackson.  
As I watched Jackson concentrating on his sawing, I did have tears in my eyes.
I so wish each Grandpa could go there with him to spend the day building. 
I know they'd enjoy it just as much as he did!

I love seeing generational skills 
and passions passed down.
Warms every corner of my little heart.


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