Days 9 and 10. Journey to freedom

 I handed over my camera to Maddie and said, 
"Take a few pics of Mommy. I feel pretty today." 
So we go some blur.
But I actually love this one because it makes my jaw line look ever so slight.
And when does that ever happen, I ask?
And I do LOVE my hat.
Very favorite hat EVER.

First off.
This morning's smoothie.
And to show that there really are differences in taste buds, 
Jack thought it was great.
I gagged through it and actually dry-heaved twice. 

I won't be making "SUPERWOMAN" shake again anytime soon.

But we live and we learn and we try new things.
Sometimes they're great.
Sometimes, ummmm, not so much.

Yesterday's lunch was Turkey Lentil Soup.
 Not gonna lie. 
Not a fan.
At all.
The recipe actually called for putting it in the crock pot for 8 hours,
so I got up at o'dark o'clock so that we could have it at 1pm for lunch.
How's THAT for detox dedication?
Won't ever do that again.
Very disappointing. 

Now I will say, I made us up a DELICIOUS fresh salad
with an easy, healthy dressing (olive oil, vinegar, basil, etc.)
So that more than made up for the soup fail.

And then today's lunch.
Another bomb.
Well, maybe not a bomb.
 Decent flavor but I'd do it as a side dish instead of the actual main meal.
It was full on red cabbage (which I do like) 
But it was just A LOT of cabbage.

 Tomorrow, however, is a NEW DAY,
with promising recipes.
Chicken curry lettuce wrap and creamy chestnut soup .
And I might just try my hand at butternut squash fries in the oven. 
Ohhh la laaa you say!

And, just because it's almost Thursday,
thought I'd post 2 photos from yesterday that Maddie took.
Love that girl.
And I love my hat.

And I'm rather crazy about you, friends!
Thanks for your encouragement along this journey.
Feeling good.
Feeling hopeful.


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