Days 21 and 22. Journey to Freedom.

I can't even believe that as of tonight, I only have two full days of detox left. 
It seems time has flown right before our very eyes.

So let's see.
Sunday and Monday.
Yesterday we had a friend over and she was willing to give our detox food a go.
And she claimed it was great.
So that's cool.
I did the Asian Turkey Lettuce Wrap
guacamole and chips
We scarfed down every smidge of food.
Which says to me that it was yummy.

 Kids had no school today (Monday)
so it was serious cleaning day over here.
Those same kids were NOT happy that they were recruited to clean. 
Oh well.
So sorry.
We were sweeping cobwebs off the ceilings [ keep your comments to yourselves please]
cleaning the outside of every kitchen cupboard
scrubbing kitchen cupboard handles
cleaning ceiling fans in all the main floor rooms
I trained Jackson how to clean the bathroom and he's quite excited, 
wanting to fight Maddie for that chore.
I might have dropped him on his head when he was a baby.
How could ANYONE like cleaning bathrooms?
They DISGUST me.

There was microwave cleaning happening.
And sweeping.
And dusting.
And bed-making.
And drawer-cleaning-out-ing.
And meals were made.
And laundry was done.
And the kids put their own laundry away
 [ why oh why have I not been having them do this for the past decade?]

I'm telling you,
 this new energy I've found is a 
force to be reckoned with.
And Jackson and I even had time to put a rather large puzzle together. 

Maddie hates puzzles.
That's sad to me because puzzles are rewarding and relaxing and rejuvenating.
Okay, they're not rejuvenating. 
But you get the picture.
I like puzzles.

Lunch today was a Buckwheat and Chicken stir-fry.
 With, of course, 
homemade guacamole and chips, 
which ARE my new favorite thing ever.
Buckwheat, is -- how shall I say it -- not my favorite.
But definitely edible.
Just not my favorite.

Two more friends joined the Clean bandwagon and they spent several hours
at Whole Foods today.
I think WF should start paying me a salary of some 
sort for referring so much business their way.
Either that, or just give me a 50% discount on my own groceries.
I'd be fine with that.

Anyway, it was fun to chat via cell phone every so often as questions came up.
And I could even direct them to different parts of the store
because I'm now a local in that place.
Amazing what a difference 22 days makes!
SUPER fun and SUPER excited to hear how their detox goes.
So hoping it helps them feel fantastic, too.

And so, Chicago Public Schools are closed again tomorrow.
Shoot me now.
That'll make 4 days since January started.
CPS never closes so this is setting all sorts of records.
And sadly,
 that means we'll have a shorter summer because CPS doesn't build in snow days.
Oh well. 
They honestly can't win. 
If they stay open, people will be mad. 
If they close, they'll be mad.
And for me, it means I get extra days with the kids.
Which is great, so you won't find me complaining.
Until tomorrow at about 2:07pm, 
when the cleaning is done and the kids are fighting with one another.
THEN, I will want them to be back in school.

Oh please tell me it's not going to be sub-zero temps on Wednesday.
Lie to me if necessary.
If it wasn't so darn cold, 
I'd send the kids to the attic and make them
clean that hidden room of disaster.
But that would probably border on child abuse so I guess I'll 
send them to the basement where they can work on the laundry room.
And if they're good, 
we may just watch another family movie tomorrow night.
Because THAT is a good parenting move.
Bribe with a movie on the other side of the cleaning bucket.
I am CLEVER like that!


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