Day SIX. Journey to Freedom.

Lazy Saturday in Chicago.
At least the snow is melting.
And our Chicago plows got off easy because the rain actually plowed our streets for them.
Maybe that was their plan all along?

Today's only regular meal was very tasty.
Sweet and Sour Chicken over a bed of greens.

 That 'bed of greens' bit -- doesn't that just sound so fancy; 
like something a French restaurant would serve at 10pm at night?
Because I guess them fancy folks eat later and such.

Still going strong.
I made it in AND out of Whole Foods today in 11 minutes.
Including parking in the parking garage and checking out.
Just needed raspberries and mangos for my luscious shakes.
And I knew right where to go.
Gettin' the hang of this!
Signing off to make the kids supper.
Which, by the way, is sometimes hard and sometimes not a big deal.
Last night, as I fried them yummy brown eggs and toasted their bagels.
Like, I've never wanted an egg so badly!
But, I was a good girl and didn't partake.
And pushed through 'the pain.' 
Feels good to have those little victories.

One day at a time, RIGHT?


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