Day SEVEN. Journey to Freedom

Can you believe it?
Two to go.
At least for the detox portion of this journey.
The whole healthy/clean eating thing will be a lifestyle thing,
and I'm learning that it truly is do-able long-term.
I'm feeling hopeful at this point.

Thought I'd interview Jackson about his thoughts on today's lunch meal,
since he begged for 3 helpings,
which to me says he loved it!

Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps

 Me:  "So Jackson, tell me what you thought about eating lettuce today?"

Jackson:  "I liked it."
 { Apparently, he's a man of few words.}

Me:  "Were you surprised that you liked it?"
Jackson: "Yes."
Me:  Why?
Jackson:  "Because I didn't think I'd like it."

Me: "We squeezed limes on our wrap. Are you a fan of limes?"
Jackson: "Yes. A big fan."

Me: "What about the rice dish?"
Jackson:  "I didn't really like it."

Me:  "But you ate it?"
Jackson:  "Ya."
Me:  "Would you eat it again?"
Jackson:  "NO!"

Me:  "What about the stuff that went in the lettuce?"
Jackson {emphasis his}: "YUMMY!"
Me:  "What made it yummy?"
Jackson: "I have no idea."

 Me:  "Do you think your friends in 2nd grade would like this?"
Jackson:  "Yes."
Me:  "Why?"
Jackson:  "Because if I like it they might like it."

Me:  "Should kids try food even if they think they might not like it?"
Jackson:  "Yes."
Me:  "Why?"
Jackson:  "Because you might like it."

 Me:  "What has been your favorite new clean recipe this week that we've tried?"
Jackson:  "Almost everything."
Me {in shock}:  "REALLY?"

Me:  "But pick a favorite or two."
Jackson:  "Spaghetti squash because it's spaghetti and I LOVE spaghetti."
Side note: Spaghetti squash is brilliant because you just pore a little sauce on it and voila, the kids think it's spaghetti. And as another side note, Jack and I didn't get to add the sauce - no tomatoes allowed for the detox.

Me:  "What's another fave?"
Jackson:  "What's fave?"
Me:  "Favorite. Like what did you like the best?" 
Jackson:  "The pink smoothies. The blueberry one with cinnamon."

Me:  "Anything else you wanna say to people about Clean eating?"
Jackson:  "No." 

So there you have it. 
Profound thoughts from a second grader!

And in other news,
I feel rather grown up because Friday I bought
meat from an actual butcher.
My first ever experience with brown paper.
 I felt like such a big girl.
And healthy, too.

So tomorrow morning starts week two.
Here goes nothing!!!


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