Day One. Journey to Freedom

Here it is, 4:37pm and I'm alive and well.
A tad bit hungry if you must know the truth.
But not too bad.

Started the day with these words that touched me exactly where I needed to be touched.
God's good like that.
"Instead of letting difficulties draw you into worrying, try to view them as setting the
scene for My (God's) glorious intervention. There is no limit to what God can accomplish."
Jesus Calling ... January 6th

And then I moved right into a breakfast of champions.
Ended up with about 12 ounces of this goodness.

Beautiful color for sure. 
Actually wasn't too bad. 
A bit of a weird consistency but I made it through, 
sipping on it for close to an hour.

 Lots of water today, folks!Which I love. 
Which is about the only thing that's super easy for me. 
I love me a good cup of ice cold water.
Especially with lemon.

And I've decided that in order to make this journey a bit more delightful, 
I thought I'd surround myself with lovelies.
[ advice from my dear friend Melisser ]
So the lemons look spiffy in their little 
complimentary-coloured butter dish.

Part way through the morning this email below found its way to my in bin.
Quite encouraging I must say. 
"He (God) is so rich in kindness and grace that he purchased our freedom with the blood of his Son and forgave our sins. (NLT)
Because of the sacrifice of the Messiah, his blood poured out on the altar of the Cross, we’re a free people—free of penalties and punishments chalked up by all our misdeeds. And not just barely free, either. Abundantly free!
 (The Message)
ABUNDANTLY FREE -- now those are two words worth fighting for!

Lunch was actually QUITE tasty.
And I'm so not lying.
Quinoa salad with a bed of greens and chicken.
Sounds fancy-like, now doesn't it?
And it looks fancy-schmancy, too!

Jack had a client tell him just last week that while we're on this journey 
we'll be amazed at the different flavors we'll actually love and be surprised by.
The gal done spoke truth. 
I'd totally make this meal again.

MINUS the avocado cucumber soup.
 THAT, my friends, was disgusting.
Cold soup is NOT for me.
Couldn't it eat.
Gave it a valiant try (3 spoon fulls).
Jack, being the good sport that he is, ate all of his. 
He wins. 
I'm okay with that.

Mid-afternoon brought a snack of homemade hummus. 
And Jack -- bless his heart -- said the ever-famous dad joke,
 "Is there a hummus among us?" 
Arrr. Arrr. Arrr. 

Somebody had to move mighty quickly to capture the photo before Coco had her afternoon snacker.

Time to stop and make supper.
Thai noodles are on deck.

And, I'm back.

This just in. 
Had the Thai noodles.
(They're actually not noodles -- it's buckwheat in disguise.)
It was good. Not grand. But good. 
Would make the recipe again, with some tweaks, so that's saying something.
Just would add more veggies to it and definitely glad I added chicken as a bonus.

Not sure I can keep up this visual and wordy documentation of this journey,
but do find that it makes it a bit more fun (and therapeutic) 
so that might be a motivator throughout the next 3 weeks.

Oh, and for the record, today, tomorrow and Wednesday we do 2 'regular' meals 
(and by regular I do not mean normal regular but 'clean' regular) 
and one liquid meal. 
Come Thursday we do 2 liquid meals and one regular meal.
I might be a bear on Thursday.
Just sayin'.

No, really. 
In all honesty, today wasn't bad. 
I know it was prayers that carried me through.
And a good attitude always helps. 
I wasn't tempted even once.
Not even when Maddie was making a ham sammie for lunch.
And when she pulled out the cheese and crackers I didn't even flinch.

I did lose it in the irritation department - ever so briefly - when the blender 
(both the normal blender and the big-daddy-VitaMix) 
did not actually blend the hummus ingredients.
I guess that's why the recipe called for a food processor and not a blender?
{Anyone got an opinion on that? 

That's the only thing I can think of -- that it was just too thick and actually needed a food processor instead of a blender? I don't own a food processor so trying to figure out if I need to buy one or not.}

Here it is 9:15pm and this mama feels victory 
so it's time to cash it in rather than stay up and be tempted.

One day at a time, RIGHT?

On the way to freedom.



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