Day 16. Journey to FREEdom.

Just your typical Tuesday today.
Except Lil' Lady was home sick with a tummy bug.
Here's hoping the rest of us don't pick up that bug.
Her Coco kept her company while she read.

Another leftover day, which I'm REALLY READY to be done with.
I know I shouldn't end a sentence with the word 'with' but I couldn't resist.
Sentence structure rules are overrated.
While it was technically leftover day,
I did sneak in two new recipes. 
Both were EASY and QUICK.

 Shocking. I know.

Jack absolutely LOVED the one
and he hasn't tried the other.
Good things in store for him tomorrow.
The one he loved was a chestnut chipotle sauce that we put on nachos.
I ground up chestnuts and added water and lemon and garlic and chipotle powder 
[ the secret ingredient I think ] 
and voila, deliciousness on a nacho chip.

Jack promptly said he could eat that EVERY day and could put it on EVERY thing.
So he used the leftover baby lamb taco meat and
made his very own tostado.
He's clever like that, inventing on the spot.

 And recipe number two you ask?
I about fell off my chair on Sunday when I saw the recipe titled
 "Hazelnut Coco Chocolate Bars."
Oh yes I did just say that.
And yes I'm serious.
All stuff we could eat.
All on the Clean blog.

So I made it.
All speedy-like.
And while I would never ever put it next to a Dove milk chocolate bar,
after you've been eating rabbit food for 16 days, 
it was mighty tasty.
I will definitely play around with that recipe, 
and get crazy and add some almond butter for grins.
Why wouldn't I?

All in all, not a bad recipe day.
Tomorrow you're gonna need to buckle up.
Three new recipes.
I might be a pile of puddles come lunch,
I might be singing the hallelujah chorus at the top of my lungs.
My money's on a  pile of puddles by noon.
Three new is a lot to tackle.

And because it's zero negative one hundred here in Chicago,
these pretty little snowflakes stuck to our back porch window
so I thought I'd snap a shot.
Not spectacular photos, but I was stopped in my tracks by the beauty of the snowflakes.

Not one alike.
That blows my mind.
Just like God to be endlessly Creative.


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