Day 23. Journey to Freedom

Our Coco is loved.
Maddie sewed her a little place mat for under her doggie bowls this weekend.
And she -- Maddie, not Coco -- read 9 books this extended long weekend.
And not little 50 page books. Like several hundred page books each.
That girl can get lost in a book quicker than you can say 
'Pass the Quinoa!'

 One day of DETOX to go.
And honestly, this whole journey has not been unbearable.
I thought it would be because remember,
 I'm the gal that doesn't like fruit and veggies
and REALLY likes red meat and potatoes.
But I survived.
I know! There were days that were hard.
But overall, what a great experience.

And I know I've said this before,
but I'm going to say it again.
If I can do this, YOU COULD TOO.
If it's something you want, of course.
I'm not going to force you to eat clean.
But I think you might like how you feel if you gave it a shot.
But no pressure.
I'll still be your friend if you eat McDonald's.
I promise.

Today I stumbled upon -- thanks to Cleary --
a healthy, clean version of homemade chicken nuggets.
Two chicken breasts made all this:

Final coating, instead of cracker/bread crumbs, was coconut.
Super delicious flavour.
Fed our family of four with some leftovers.
Made a nice salad on the side.
And leftover brown rice that has tasted better as the days passed by.
And, of course -- a couple of chips and a scoop of guacamole.

 The kids and I froze while going to see Frozen in the theatre.
I do love a movie on a big screen.
And, while we were being advertised to, prior to the start of the movie,
they said, "Text 242424 and say BEST" for a free small popcorn.
I couldn't have even a BITE.
THAT, my friends, was true discipline.
Could make a meal of it.
Who am I kidding?
I love any popcorn, really.
And not only did I not eat any,
I passed the silly bag of the white heavenly stuff
back and forth between the two kids.
I must win some sort of award today for that stellar behavior.

And so, this detox journey is almost at its end.
I have more to say about that,
but I think I shall save that for tomorrow's grand finale post on this detox adventure.
Now don't you fret, I'm continuing on the journey to freedom,
because I have certainly not 'arrived.'
But I'll just be posting less about my recipe choices,
because quite frankly, I think I you must be bored to tears.
But I'll still blog about other stuff.
I must say, I have always loved blogging but usually, it's the first thing to go
when life gets busy.
But I have loved the challenge to write almost every day during this journey.
So until this summer/fall when photo shoots overtake me, 
I will try to faithfully blog,
for my own sanity if nothing else!

Until tomorrow, be warm, give somebody a hug, and eat clean.


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