Day 17. Journey to Freedom

Three new recipes today.
Jack thought they were all delicious.
I didn't.
 Proof that taste buds really do differ from person to person.

I think if it wasn't so darn time-consuming 
it would be okay if it didn't taste STELLAR.
But because of all the work involved,
I just want every bite to be like,

So Dish #1 was falafels.
Ended up wasting half the batter,
because, well, they didn't hold their round shape 
and ended up all mushed up in the frying pan.

Those are supposed to be about 10 little balls of yummy-ness.
So to the garbage they went.
Up next,
Round Two.
I put the rest in the freezer until they firmed up a bit 
and then it seemed to work a little better.
Please excuse the disgusting nature of my stove top. I swear it was clean 17 days ago.

Dish #2 was a brown rice pilaf.
And it was good BUT the recipe called for a teaspoon of salt,
and against my better judgment I added it in
and to me, the salt was overwhelming.
I'd do this recipe again without the salt.

DIsh #3 was Coconut Raita.
No idea how to pronounce it,
nor do I give a rip cuz I'll never make it again.
Looked pretty but just didn't do anything for me.

Here they are together.
All coupled up.

So today was a little bit rough but not bad.
Tears in the eyes but no uncontrollable sobs.
Not a big deal, just wishing the recipes had tasted better.
Tomorrow's a new day.

I think the thing I need to remember is 
that change can be hard.
And that's okay.
Change can also be really, really good.
And this change IS good.
Really, REALLY good.
Remembering why I'm doing this is important during this phase.
 I am already feeling REMARKABLY better.
More on that tomorrow,
but in the meantime,
here's to hoping tomorrow's food tastes better than today's.
A girl can dream.



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