Day 15. Journey to Freedom

  Super excited to have met a friend at Whole Foods this morning
to help her get started with Clean.

And no, the friend above is NOT the friend I met today. 
This photo is from 1996 when I lived in Indonesia
and since I didn't have any food photos for today, I thought,
 "Why not put a photo of the pasar in Wamena up
on the blog tonight. Pasar is market in Indonesia
and you really haven't lived unless you've 
experienced the old pasar in Wamena.
I dare say you've never smelled anything like it.

Anyway, my friend came enthusiastic and ready to tackle WF this morn.
We laughed our way through the aisles
and promptly did a 180 when we found ourselves
smack dab in the middle of the fresh bread and bakery.
 Carbs are her thing too, so good thing we were together
when we landed in that department or both of us
might have said, 

Did leftovers today for lunch so no new recipes to report.
And most likely will do leftovers again tomorrow,
because at these here prices, folks, you DON'T waste food.
BUT, I might surprise us all with one little yummy new recipe.
We shall see.

 Weighed this morning and lost a little over 2 pounds this week.
So that's a total of 10 and a wee bit in two weeks.
Excited about that.
Between you and me,
I was a tad disappointed this morning that it was only two.
And then I slapped myself upside the head and said,
"Two pounds is two pounds."
I figured you'd slap me too, so I beat you to it.

I get so impatient with progress. 
And you?
But, this journey will be a long one,
filled with heaps of reprogramming how I look at food.
I plan to make this permanent and
would someone hold me to that?

 The kids were off school today,
which meant I played one too many games of Aggrevation.
Jackson is my game player.
And honestly, I do love playing games, too
so I'm making it out to be worse than it was.
After all, he could have begged me to play Legos.
And for the record, I would have said,
That's a daddy or a grandpa or a papa thing.
This mama don't play no legos." 
I have boundaries you know.
And SOMEHOW -- Heaven help us -- he found a KAZOO.
Just shoot me in the head, would you?
That little toy is torture and should be outlawed in the State of Illinois.
And North America for that matter.

Maddie continues to sew on her own which is so fun.
She made a bunch of little felt cases today.
Complete with lace and buttons.
She's a self-starter that girl.
And she just patiently works that machine.
She gets that from her daddy.
Because her mommy, well, how shall I say this,
does NOT do well with machines.

SO that's all I've got this Monday evening, folks.
Until tomorrow, please find yourselves some
cheese and crackers and popcorn and
eat them in my honour.
That's what I'd like to eat right now.
But I won't.
Never you mind!

And for shock value,
and as a bonus for those that actually read every word ...
I leave you with this photo titled,
'Three Dani Men."

Excuse the poor quality of these images -- they lived through tropical heat before I was
able to have the negatives made into digital files.



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