What's Next [ running adventure continues ]

I still sort of pinch myself when I think about the fact that 
just two months ago I ran 13.1 miles. 
You know when something is SO beyond your own ability? 
That's what that HALF represented for me.

Every so often, for the fun of it, 
I set the trip counter on our car to zero and then watch it creep up to 13.1. 
That's just a whole lot of miles in a row.

Of late I've had lots of people ask, "So what's next? Are you still running?"

As you might remember, I had lots of leg issues three weeks before the race, and then the day of the race there wasn't a lick of pain. And then a few days later when I tried to run my right hip flexor was in significant pain. Off and on through November and the first week of December I've tried to run and the pain is enough to cause me to stop. So I decided that I'd take the rest of the month of December off of running and start back up again on Monday, January 6th. My goal then is to begin training for a 10k this April or early May.
 [ Christmas vacation goal is to pick the race and figure out my training schedule. ]

Later this week I'll share the other big reveal 
of my "what's next plan,"
of which I'm rather apprehensive and a wee bit fearful.

Without further adieu, 
I thought you might enjoy this video put together by my cousin, Jeff.

This is SUCH a gift to me.
I will treasure it always.

View video here:  Alysa's Half Marathon


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