SHORT version [The Big Reveal]

For male readers that really just want the bottom line
[or for all who simply hate reading]

I've decided to do an intense three-week detox nutritional cleanse 
starting January 6th. 
Jack and I have been doing a TONNE of research and 
reading and have seen lots of great ideas,
but we've decided we're going with a cleanse based on a book 
called "Clean" by Dr. Junger. 
It's hard core. 
And radical 
(at least for my current lifestyle it's radical) 

But my body desperately needs it as I'm convinced it's loaded with toxins. 
Time to get rid of those toxins and have a fresh, clean slate to figure out 
if I have any dairy or wheat/gluten issues. 
Gonna be hard. 
Gonna be good. 

All that to say, "WANNA JOIN US?" 
I've already recruited two friends to do it with us. 
We can help each other. 
But here's the deal, if you're gonna join us you've gotta
kick it into gear ASAP because you'll need to have your game-plan
ready before go-time.
[Notice all the references to sports in that last sentence?
I told you this was the male version of my reveal.]

At a minimum, check out the book. 
It's quite fascinating and educational. 

Lots of programs like this overlap each other and 
we've seen a lot of great cleanses and ideas. 
Some were 10 day programs. Some two weeks.
We've just decided for us, 
we're going big or we're stayin' home.
Not gonna lie.
 I don't like many veggies and I don't really like many fruits. 
So this is going to HAVE to be a thing where God shows up 
and helps me through or it ain't happenin'.

But He's in the business of showing up 
and helping me when I'm weak and unable. 
 {He's proved that to me too many times through the years}
So it's gonna be fun to see Him do His thing. 
I'll show up and follow the plan and 
let Him worry about changing my taste buds 
to actually like things I currently can't/don't eat. 

I wonder if He's tired of doing radical work in my life? 
I've been working Him hard the last couple of years! 
NO, silly.
He's not tired of all the work He's doing.

Quite frankly, He loves taking my messes and 
loving me in spite of them
and helping me work through them. 
That's what I love about Him. 
I don't have to do it alone. 

He takes me like I am and then we just slowly, together, 
chip away at my issues. 
He's gentle that way. 
And loving. 
Not sure what I'd do without Him.
Never gonna find out.
He's stuck with me. 
Like white on rice.
Or, since I can't have white-on-rice any more:
like mango on quinoa.


Anonymous said…
exciting Alysa and Jack!!! - love Adrian
Alysa said…
Thanks, Adrian!!!

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