Together. { I'll Run. You Pray.}

I'm thankful that I've got an army, 
literally around the world,
sending me great happy thoughts
praying for me tomorrow morning as 
I run my first ever Half Marathon.

I'm gonna GET UP AND RUN tomorrow morning.
I'm gonna do my VERY best.
I'm gonna push through when I feel weary.
I'm gonna pray and sing and pray and laugh and mile and 
I might
do a little half-time show at, well,
the half-way mark.

Because every run I've ever done,
once I get to the half-way point, 
I feel this incredible confidence that

So if I agree to GET UP AND RUN tomorrow morning,
I'm wondering if you'd agree to 
tomorrow morning

If you're not a person who prays, 
I'd LOVE it if you sent happy thoughts
my way, as so many of you have already done. 
I feel DEEPLY loved by you each!

If you're so inclined to pray, 
I thought I'd post some very specific things that you could pray for if you're the praying sort. 

 The race starts in Chicago, at 9am TOMORROW (Sunday the 20th) 
and if my legs are feeling good, 
I should cross the finish line between 11:30 - 11:45am. 

1. Pray for God's supernatural Peace to rest on me now, and through the evening. 

2. Pray that I'd be able to get sleep and that nerves wouldn't keep me up. 

3. I'm so grateful that the last few days I haven't been nervous. 
God has truly stepped in and covered me with His peace. 


1. Pray that the following body parts feel super: 
a) Left hamstring 
b) Left sciatica 
c) Right hip flexor (this past week this has really been bothering me but after about a 
half mile it works itself out and feels much better.
 Would love it if it didn't hurt at all. 
d) Right knee (feels much better than earlier in the summer) 
e) Shins and calves and feet (I haven't had problems with these but covering all bases!) 

2. Pray for mental toughness throughout the entire race. 
I know a half marathon is TOUGH. 
So I'll need mental toughness to push through when I'm weary and wanting to stop! 

3. Pray that my breathing feels good and easy. 
The reality is, the longest I have run in 3 weeks 
has been 6 miles, so would ask for prayer that I would find 
my groove in breathing and that I would be able to effortlessly 
control my breathing so I'm not out of breath. 

4. Pray the weather holds as predicted. 
Looks like perfect running weather! 
Praising God already for that gift. 

5. Pray that I'd be able to eat the 'goo' during the race. 
Because of the length of the race, I need to fuel part-way through. I never did find something I was really able to eat while running so I'm going for goo and hopeful that it will help me endure. I found 2 flavors I like so I'm going to just hope for the best. I find eating and
running quite tricky.

 6. Pray that the race would be 3 hours of beautiful time for Jesus and me. 
That I would just be caught up in His love and grace and mercy. 
Pray that I would feel His presence as we run TOGETHER. 

7. Pray that my ipod would work 
and that the praise music on my ipod would sweep over me 
and that I would truly have a worship service on the trail. 
Pray that Scripture would come to mind. 

8. Pray that the Joy of the Lord would be my STRENGTH  
and that tomorrow I would just feel TOTAL JOY!

9. Pray that we get there on time, 
no bad traffic, etc., and that those that are coming to watch 
would also get there, too. Inbound Kennedy Expressway supposedly 
has 2 right lanes closed all weekend so that might cause traffic problems. 

10. Pray that I'd be able to see my family and friends as I'm running on the course. With huge crowds you never know if you'll actually see each other, so I'm hopeful that I'll see them! (I'm not worried at all about this, but just ask you to pray that we'd connect so I could be encouraged by their smiles and yelling! =) 

11. Pray that I'd run the whole thing -- 
that's my goal! 



And, if you'd like, there's still time to donate for Premila. 
Click here and donate away! We're half way to my lofty
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by the generosity of so many of you! WOW.



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