Now I'm Dreaming About My Race

I've been assured that dreaming about an upcoming race is normal. 
But this is just crazy talk.

Last night's dream -- more like a nightmare -- was SO vivid. 

One of those dreams where you wake up and think, 
"Did that really happen?" 

Apparently I'm obsessing over my upcoming race 
I'm totally anxious and nervous about it. 

My dream went something like this: 

Got down to Grant Park on race morning and Jack, 
the kids and I and Aunt Denise were wandering around trying to find 
where I check in for the race. 

We find it, and as we're doing so, 
I realize that I do NOT have my Ipod Nano shuffle thing with me. 

That ain't flying, 
because I am NOT running 13.1 miles without some sort of distraction. 

So Jack, Maddie and I jump on the TRAIN to go back to our house to get my Nano. 
Because we just have SO much time to spare. Not.
I'm in a state of panic because I just don't think we can make 
it back to our house to grab the Nano 
and all the way back downtown before my race starts, 
but Jack assures me it can be done. 

At this point, Aunt Denise and Jackson fall out of the dream.
I didn't say goodbye. I'm pretty sure she had no idea where we went.
I clearly trust my children with Aunt Denise. 
That much I can analyze of this dream.
No doubt she was buying him candy 
and I'm sure some form of people watching was happening
while we just quickly ran back home. 

We got off at the Addison stop, 
(which is NOT our stop)
 and then we walk miles home. 

Then we run in our front door to get the Nano, 
I look down and realize I have my FLIP FLOPS on. 
No running shoes on. 
This is not why we came home, people.
The only reason we came home was because of missing music. 

And then, the more I look at myself I realize 
I do NOT have my running clothes on. 
No cute pink visor.
I'm in sweats and a shirt that isn't my usual get-up for running. 

And I don't have my water. 
And I haven't eaten. 
 And I'm racing around the house like a mad woman 
trying to get into the right clothes and
 find the Nano and get my running shoes on. 

The whole time Coco is chill,
 thinking I've already run my 13.1 
and she can now
give me my sticker I've earned for the car.

And then I wake up. 

Needless to say, I sat down this morning
 and started my 'TO BRING TO RACE" list. 
And I'm so not kidding.

The next thirteen days have the potential to be MIGHTY lengthy.

I'm just hoping my next dream has me 
at a slight 110 pounds, 
make-up and hair looking fabulous,
leading the pack,
 crossing the finish line first in my age group, 
A girl can dream.


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