Lake Weekend

Love it. 

Among many other weekends, 
Jack's birthday weekend in September is a given. 
At the lake. 
Usually the weekend the boats go away til the following spring. 

Sad day for the Clark men. 
{ Although in this picture they're looking rather chipper. }
No idea why these words are over on the side of this page. Irritating. But anyway. Somebody is a ham bone.
They have a need. For speed.
{This next one makes me laugh hysterically. Jackson APPEARS to be terrified, but I'm pretty sure it's his, "I love this so much, let's go faster, Daddy" scream.
It was a chilly day. Coco butters needed her little sweater.
I LOVE my sweet Maddie. Could eat her up!
I am CRAZY about this next image. Captures who Jackson is to the very core. It's how I see him.
Crazy 'bout my Jack Man, too.
She's been doing this since before she could walk.
Nothing like a little fun at the lake.


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