One-on-One Parenting::: Legoland in 6 hours

Pulled a ROOKIE parenting move this morning. 

Jackson has been counting down the days until Maddie went to summer camp because he knew that her departure day meant his arrival day in Legoland! 

At breakfast this morning I casually mentioned that he could decide how long we would stay at Legoland. 

I know.
I know. 
All you parents out there (or aunts or babysitters or ANYONE who has had ANY contact with children) are just shaking your head thinking, 
"Foolish. You KNOW that's not gonna end well!" 

And so, at the SIX HOUR MARK, 
(and the place is NOT that big people) 
I finally SOMEHOW convinced him that he might be ready to go. 
And he went for it. 

Six hours in a bright colored,
VERY loud environment about did me in. 

So I believe I win an award of some sort today. 
Maybe "Crazy Mom of the Day" award? 
Maybe "Free pass to only make cereal for supper" award. 
Maybe "Rookie Mistake of the DECADE" award? 

 But, here I am in the comfort of my own home and I lived to tell about it. 

And it was actually a GREAT day, as deep down I knew it would be.

To see your child's sheer glee and delight,
I'd wander aimlessly around Legoland for another 4 hours.  

Photo documentation of my craziness: 

Before heading to Legoland we of course needed to get in a hand 
or two or TEN of GO FISH
Why wouldn't we?

Coco is a VERY big fan of joining in our games.

Doesn't everyone need an image with a giraffe?

None of these photos are great. 
Dark, dingy lighting with weird display flashing going on ...

Just had to stick his head in:

Cutest lion EVER.

I can't even BEGIN to count 
how many 4D movies we watched today. 

My head is spinning. 

Clearly his FAVORITE part of Legoland. 
(photo taken in the PITCH dark with one little light above his head.)

He wears them well, eh?

Jackson won for best Super Hero 
at the 1:45pm judging. 

His superhero was named "Mr. Fox" and it had the power, when mean people were being mean, to throw white darts at them to turn their meanness into niceness. 
Mr. Ralph the judge was VERY impressed. 
As was Mama. 

 I, on the other hand, made a completely SELFISH superhero. 
Mine was named Stella and she did all my housework in a jiffy 
so that I could play instead of, well, do housework. 
Which I hate.

So there you have it. 
Legoland in a mere 6 hours. 

And now, 
I'm sitting at home with Coco by my side, 
my feet up, 
just staring at my white walls, 
thankful for the peace and quiet. 
Until next summer's annual visit to the Land. 
Legoland that is!


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