Maddie's First 5K

This little gal ROCKED her first ever 5K Saturday. Girls on the Run {see here for more information on their organization} started in March at our friend's school.

Maddie faithfully attended practice twice a week, put in miles on the weekends, and showed up ready to rumble on Saturday morning! {Maddie hugging Grandpa Correll as we hustle into our corral.} 

And of course, a sibling hug, which neither was too thrilled about. Gobbie and Grandpa came all the way from Canada to see Maddie run! 
That was so special to have them there for her first race!  

As part of this program, at the end of the season the girls actually run a 5K WITH a buddy. And that buddy ended up being me. 
{In a separate blog post I'll share the whole story on my 5K journey this spring}. 

So here we are BEFORE the race.  

And here we are AFTER the race, medals in hand!  

And here's my Maddie during the race.  
{Some of the images you'll have to put on your detective skills to find her!} Closing in on the finish line!  Jack said he had to full on sprint in order to keep up with her to snap photos along the way!  

There is a pride that wells up inside, as a parent, that really is hard to describe. 

As others have said, it's like your heart is walking -- or running in this case -- outside your body and you see this sweet little thing that you've loved on and you want nothing more than to see her feel great about herself and her body and her abilities. 

And off she went into the crowd and I found myself wide-grinned and head shaking sideways in amazement as she stretched her stride and pushed herself forward! 

Maddie Mae from the U.S.A., 
you made us SO proud today. 
You dug deep. 
You set and met your goals for the morning.
You pushed forward even though you had a cramp closing in on the last 1/2 mile of the race.

I couldn't do it for you. Dad couldn't do it for you. 
You had to decide that you would run and that you did!

 Thanks for getting this Mama off the couch and onto the course. 
 I've already started looking for our next race to run together, 
and THAT is nothing short of miraculous.


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