When Irritation and Spring Collide

Today they collided.

Irritated, meet Spring.

Spring, irritated. 

Spring, I'd appreciate it if you'd take irritated away and 
replace her with all your springy spring-ness. 


It started like this.

We have - how shall I say it - a certain ten-year-old in our home that decided, this morning, to drive me bonkers.

Now I don't think she set out to purposely drive me bonkers.

She just did. Over a period of about, ummm, 95 seconds.

Ever get that way in your house? 
{Please say yes. Or please lie to me and say yes.}

I seriously wanted to get in the car and drive away and return when she turns 30.

Sometimes I just look at her and think, 
"Had I said that to my mother she would have 


I find myself thinking, "Where did I go wrong because she CLEARLY doesn't give a rip about listening to me, let alone respecting me and obeying me." 

And so I dropped the kids off at school, came home and worked for the day.

About 45 minutes before picking up the kids at the end of the day, my inner Canadian thought, "I must rush out to the woods and find some signs of spring and color and hope. Breathe deep. Breathe deep." 
{Thank goodness we live about a mile from the nearest Forest Preserve. Not sure what I'd do if I didn't have quick access to the woods.} 

And so I put these lovelies on.


Perhaps the best purchase of twenty-thirteen yet. 

And found these signs of spring.  

My favorite green 'carpet' has returned and I'm always delighted to see the green pop through the brown forest floor. 

A beautiful reminder that new life is around the corner.  

And I met this little lady.
She wasn't thrilled to meet me. 
Said something about the fact that she was trying to escape from 
her sassy 10-year-old, too.
 I said we have so much in common. 
She didn't buy it. 
She just wanted to be alone. 
I guess I can understand.

 For a moment {or ten} Spring replaced my irritation with a settled disposition. 
With a "you can handle this. You've got 35 years on her. Think, Alysa. Think." 

Until certain ten-year-old had to practice piano after school and it all came flooding back. 

So I ran outside to spot the purple flowers down the  lane sidewalk because I needed another dash of color to face the next 40 minutes. 


And now the kids are out with Dad and I'm weary and 
purposely going to bed before they return. 

So take that. 

Because I can't take another minute of sassy today. 

Super glad that tomorrow is a new day and 
maybe with some serious sleep I might be up for the challenge. 

Or, who knows. 

I might be racing off to the woods again to clear my head and rid all thoughts of irritation. 

But on another note, I am CRAZY about this sweetie sweets 10-year-old.

Isn't she ADORABLE? I do love her SOOOO! .  

And I hope when she has a ten-year-old of her own  

{if she chooses to get married and have kids} 

that she'll read this post and realize it's pay-back time. 


Anonymous said…
Love your honesty. My 8 year old is a little sassy these days and as much as I love her she drives me crazy! I can still stand her in the corner though and she obeys me. At ten...maybe I will be through sassy by then???? O but then there is her twin sister...perhaps she is saving it until she is ten. I pray they go through puberty a few years a part LOL.

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