Five Year Olds are Grand

Meet Miss J.


There is something super fun about the age of five.

It's like little ones come into their own at that age. 
Their personalities begin to shine. 
They have a confidence about themselves that they didn't have years prior. 

And perhaps what I love the most about this age, is the fact that they are learning to read. 

I love that. Pride wells up and it's like they FEEL big because they can read words. 

I loved that with my own Madison and Jackson, 
and I love that with every other kid on the planet, too. 

And little sis "Miss A" felt the need to join the reading party, too!  

 Miss J turned five in March so it was time to document the age. 

And the personality.  

I'm telling you, she was a different girl from the various sessions I've done 
for their family in years past.

  She was workin' the camera.

 She had her very own ideas on what she wanted to do in front of the camera!  

She had serious opinions about outfits.  

Hello sweetness
Your Mama's gonna love this one! 

Oh. And younger sister "A" had to get in on the action, too.


 And we needed to grab at least one of the three generations, right? 
 {How's this for a gorgeous mother AND grandmother. Crazy cute!} 

And of course, a few of the sisters together. 
Whether they wanted to or not.

Until next time Miss J! 

Welcome to the big world of FIVE!


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