Maddie's Room Makeover {jan 2013}

She's been begging for new paint and new colors in her room for about 5 years now. 

 It was time. 

So this Christmas she got a note that said, "Room makeover, 
sometime in January."  
{This Mama couldn't commit to an actual date. I'm bad like that.} 

Since birth she's been in a lime green room. 
{This photo doesn't show how bright it actually was.}
We didn't know if she was going to be a boy or a girl so we 
went for the green thing. 
Looking back, there's just no way of making the old color masculine. 
Not sure what I was thinking. 
But it all worked out because she was a girl. 

 So from bright green and purple to .... 

Beautiful Homestead Green by Benjamin Moore 
{which is a lovely blue in actuality}. 
And dark grey. 
And a smidge of yellow for a pop of color.
{and these pictures are not doing the wall colour justice. 
It really is a beautiful blue-ish. Rats.}

I've learned two things over the past 48 hours. 

1. I'm really not a fan of all the work that goes into painting ... 
  • my house was a wreck for days because everything IN Maddie's room had to come OUT into our dining/living rooms. 
  •  just when you think you're done painting for the day, you spend FOREVER cleaning up all the tools. I hate that.

... BUT I do LOVE the end result, 
making every hour of taping and cutting in and rollering worth it! 

2. Whatever professional painters make, they don't make enough. That's some hard work, folks. 

After Christmas, while up in Canada with my mother, the master seamstress, we hit Fabricland and let Maddie pick out whatever she liked. 

She instantly fell in LOVE with the grey and white polka dot material.
I must say, a girl after her mother's own heart. 
I'm telling you, it was MY favorite too and I in no way influenced her. 
She found it first and squeeled, 
"I love this, Mom!" 
To which I turned around, saw what she was holding and squealed, 
"Me TOO!!!" 

Maddie then sewed these pillows all by her lonesome, with my mom's patient guidance. {notice I wasn't called in for this part of the project.}

I "stole" other accessories from other parts of our home and 
I'm tickled at the result!
This sweet little owl needed to come home to Maddie's new room. 
She belongs. 
Lovin' the globe from my craft room/guest room, now in its new home.
I love this amazing painting {below} that my mom made me years ago. 
And I'm thrilled that it has found its new home in Maddie's room. 
Makes me happy just looking at it.
Yes, I had to set the globe to Irian Jaya! 
Why wouldn't I?

My sweet little flowers -- from my sweet little friend Melissa-- have found a new home, but only temporarily. I will be snagging those back for my upstairs dream room!
View from her doorway.

Maddie has loved this image of Jesus that an 8-year-old girl painted so we found it in a gift card and simply framed it. 
Easy peezey.
Polka dots make me oh-SO-happy. 
And I'm happy that they 'sing' to Maddie, too!


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