Dogs and Families {Arlington Heights Family Photographer }

This doggy was the reason for this family photo shoot. 

You see, as we all know, puppies {all pets really} weasel their way into our families and they actually become family, don't they? 

Next two images -- my favorites of the entire shoot and we got some great ones, but THESE tell the story of love.

This fun, happenin' family just received recent word that their Ollie {sp?} might not be around for much longer so they wanted to take the time to get some professional images with each of the family members and their dogs. 

 And I love that.

 I love that they made that a priority.  Their Ollie is a big part of their family's story. So why not capture that?

I said to myself, "When I lose some weight, I"m doing the same thing with Coco. I'll have my dear friend and professional photographer, Julie, snap pics of me and my Coco puffs. Because I'm always the one snapping and rarely in the pics." 
{And I know, I know, I should do it NOW and not wait until I lose some weight. Leave me alone. It's my blog and my life. Don't tell me what to do.} 

I digress. 

And so, without further adieu, meet this lovely family. 

Four Kids. 
{That in and of itself is nothing short of miraculous. Four kids and they lived to tell about it. My having only two has about put me in an early grave so my hat goes off to any folks that can parent four.}

A mom and dad.
{who, by the way, have been married TWENTY-SIX years. 

And three, count them, THREE, doggies.

Thanks, Mike and Cindy, 
for your new business. 
It was a delight to meet you all. 
{And thanks, Katie N., for your referral!!! You're awesome!}


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