"C" @ Five { Arlington Heights Family Photographer}

It's hard to believe she's FIVE. 

I've been photographing this spunky gal and her little brother and their fabulous family of four, for three years. They came on board when I was first starting my business. They gave me a chance when I was just building my portfolio. What a gift to me!

It's so interesting to me how complete strangers, once they become clients, can become those you so look forward to seeing each year during significant milestones in their family stories. 

My heart's desire has been to blog about every single family and person that I photograph, because I do LOVE the people I meet and I do LOVE what I'm doing. 

But somehow, life gets crazy and blogging goes by the wayside in an effort to strike a balance between personal and business life. 

So if you've been photographed by me and haven't seen your session up on my blog, please, please, please don't take it personally. But know that my number one business priority this year, is to blog every session and to keep my website current. I figure if I keep my goals to a minimum, then maybe, just maybe, I'll stick with them! I would love to go back and highlight a few from last year, too, so we'll see how that goes! 

Anyway, without further adieu, meet the lovely, spunky, five-year-old "C", whom I predict will be leading our country some day. {Either that or she'll be on the big screen!} 

You mark.my.words.

 We enjoyed time inside and outside her home, where I basically followed her around, capturing her doing 'her' thing, on an unseasonably warm early January day! 

My simple goal: to capture who Chloe is at five, so that decades from now, when she IS running the country or a famous movie star, there will be a nice, clear documentary of how her little personality was in full bloom 
way back when.

I love this next one. 
I love how one tuft of hair is in focus and
 the rest is a bundle of motion.
Perhaps it's because it screams "CAREFREE" to me ... 
and I love carefree. 

{And I used to LOVE to swing but now I get motion sick 
just sitting on a swing. Bizarre.}
Katie + Dino, thanks for your continued, 
faithful business. 
It is a joy to document your family's story through the years!


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