A Tender Moment Between Mama and Son

So I'm knee-deep waist-deep neck-deep in finishing up fall photo sessions and my two worlds just this second collided -- work and being a mom. -- So much so that I just had to jump over to my blog and do a quick post so that I didn't forget the emotions I was feeling in the moment.

This morning Jackson {6} crawled into bed and snuggled. I was sleeping on my side and he put his arm over me and he just rubbed my back with his little hands and then before long he was just rubbing my cheek and nose. And I remember laying there thinking, "I SO love this. He's sweet and cuddly and innocent and he's crazy about me. He loves me even when I mess up. Sort of defines unconditional love. I can't believe he's six already." 

Just a tender moment between a mama and her little buddy.

And now I'm sitting on my couch, working on a great family session where there's a little boy, not yet two, that is crazy about his mama, too. These two images below just grabbed me out of nowhere and made my eyes a little touch of moist.
Why you ask? 

Well, you see, I have vivid memories of Jackson doing just that. 

Picking me flowers. 

Putting them in my hands. 

And I so want time to stand still. 

 Every so often as Jackson and I walk hand-in-hand to nowhere in particular, I say to him, "Jackson, will you always hold my hand? Promise?" 

To which he'll enthusiastically and confidently reply, 

"Yep. Except when I'm in college. Because I won't be living with you then." 

Sarah, I hope these images, among all the others we captured that day just a week or two ago, will always transport you back to 2012, when your little buddy is young and wildly crazy about you, his mama!!


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